DIY Water Ionizer

DIY Water Ionizer Blueprint Request-


Eric contacted our website the other day and had this request:




I was wondering if you had blueprints or DIY water ionizer because I would like to attempt to build my own. The ones that I have seen for sale cost several thousand dollars and I cannot afford that.


I am somewhat familiar with electronics so I am looking for a way that I would attempt to build one myself. I have seen some videos that attempted to explain how to build one but they were hard to follow.


I would appreciate any ideas or information that would help me!


Thank you very much!


Eric G.


Atlanta, GA



Hello Eric,


I see that you are looking to build your own water ionizer or diy water ionizer. Are you sure you want to go to multiple electronic stores and purchase a long list of parts that you will need? Also, are you sure you know how to get the plates that would be required? This is not easy at all… (and I would not recommend anyone attempt this at home)


The blueprints I have for water ionizers are information I can not publicly give out. It would require getting lawyers involved and most people don’t want that added legal expense, so I will skip to answering your questions regarding the do it yourself approach to building a water ionizer down below…


(insert video here)


DO IT YOURSELF , DIY Water Ionizer: Pro’s & Con’s




·         Inexpensive to purchase all of the required materials


·         Ability to use filtered or bottled water


·         Creates alkaline pH (no ORP value unfortunately)




·         Requires extensive technical knowledge


·         Plastics can be leached if left to charge too long


·         Requires several hours and a large electricity cost to properly charge the water


·         No “immediate ionized water” like a water ionizer produces


Do It Yourself - DIY Water Ionizer Blueprints


These instructions will help achieve some change in pH but the ORP values and pH range will not be close to what a water ionizer could achieve within seconds. This process takes many hours (compared to what the water ionizer you could buy does in just seconds) and it will also require that you use a pH test kit along with a timer. (seems more complicated right?)


It is possible to build this for about $130, but it is important to know that it will not perform anywhere close to a real water ionizer. The results are not even close to what a water ionizer could produce, but since the reader above wanted this information we decided to supply them with it. It is not suggested that this approach is taken, especially not when there is a solution available that is not much more money and produces amazing results, just like the $5,000 models at a fraction of the cost.


Parts List:


·         3 inch x 4 inch PVC pipe

·         Large plastic containers

·         Copper wire

·         2 Ti electrodes or plates coated with Platinum

·         Electrical clips

·         24V power adapter

·         Razorblade

·         pH test kit

·         Timer


Now, you are going to need about three hours to complete all of this labor (seems like a lot of time for something that isn’t even going to produce good results, right?)




1.      Cut holes in the plastic containers, allowing the PVC pipe to go from one to the other, about ¼ of the way down from the top of the containers


2.      Connect the Ti electrodes or Platinum plates to the copper wire, and then connect the wires to the clips. The other ends of the clips then need to be connected to the 24V power adapter


3.      Place the electrodes/plates into the plastic containers


4.      Fill the containers with water up to the point where the water flows from one container to the other through the PVC pipe




·         Avoid potential electric shocks make sure to keep the electrical wires out of the water


·         Do not drink the water if it becomes discolored (dump it down the drain)


·         Only use clean mineral water, as distilled waster doesn’t contain any minerals to be ionized


DISCLAIMER: using these blueprints includes some risk, and anyone using these uses them at their own risk.


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